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Guzzler Pumps for Maple Sap Collection and Processing

Bosworth’s Guzzler diaphragm pumps are widely used to establish vacuum on maple sap collection lines. Unlike expensive vacuum pumps that require a separator to isolate sap from the pump, Guzzler diaphragm pumps can both establish the vacuum and transfer the sap through the pump. Guzzler vacuum pumps are available with 115VAC and 12VDC motors. The Guzzler pumps are rated at 22 in of Hg vacuum. They are available in standard gray Acetal plastic, as well as in the white (pigment-free) Natural Delrin. The wetted components of these pumps are made of FDA-approved materials for any component that comes in contact with the sap.

Additionally, Guzzler hand pumps are used to transfer syrup through maple syrup presses. Both the GH-0400N and the recently introduced GH-0500N pumps are made of FDA-approved materials for all components in contact with the syrup.

See Maple Sap Products Catalog to download a catalog of these products.

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G2 SapPuller for On the Lane Farms, Scituate, RI

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Configuring your G2 SapPuller Pump

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Guzzler Creating Vacuum on Maple Sap Line

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Boiling Maple Sap

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