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Cow Hydration
Bosworth accommodated our unique need several years ago and continues to do so in various ways. The Guzzler 400 is used on a 6.5 gallon bucket to hand pump fluids into an adult cow for re-hydration and/or medication purposes. The pump is well made, easy to use and maintain.
Cheryl VanB. - DrenchMate, Sumas WA
Cavitation effects
I was using a Guzzler 2400 to pump some really viscous (thick) food sauce. It would start off great and then get a lot of air in the line. With a little help I figured out that my inlet line was suffering from a cavitation effect. The fluid was actually being pulled away from the surface of the inlet line, creating an air column around the line and letting the pump suck that air into the system on its intake stroke. There are probably lots of solutions to this but I just went to Home Depot and bought a simple little “skirt flange” for $2.50 that I put on the end of the intake line. It worked beautifully! No more air, just nice, heavy meat sauce. Pasta anyone?
Angelo - Newark, NJ
Metering with a Guzzler
Guzzler 400’s pump about 12 oz per stroke, but I just wanted fill a 6 oz container with each stroke. I got my Guzzler fitted with an aluminum clamp ring that has stop brackets. When I got it, I drilled a hole in each stop bracket and inserted a 1/4" bolt into each hole, adjusting its height so that it stopped the intake stroke exactly at the point where It took in 6 oz. Voila! A metering pump. Works great. Maybe Ken Bosworth will name a pump after me!
Paul H. - Toronto, ON
Priming a Cottage Jet Pump
I purchased a Guzzler in March of this year. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful invention it is. Instead of the usual 3-4 hours hassle of trying to get the pump at the cottage primed - it took ten (10) minutes!! I couldn't believe it.
John D. - Manotick, ON
Priming a Jet Pump for Cottage Use
Our cottage lies on a point in Lake Erie, about 12 feet above water level, and our intake line runs a full 300 feet of 1-1/4in PVC to the Lake (64 imp gallons in the line). It is very shallow there and it sits, unfortunately in about a foot of water. To get deeper I would have to go another 200ft for a full run of 500. I have never been able to get that to work so we use this water for the lawn, only. Each year priming the Jet Pump, a good Goulds, is a struggle. In June of 2007 I screwed around for 3 days trying to get it to work. This year I ran the line; tightened the connections; placed the foot valve in a milk crate of big rocks, and started the Guzzler 400 to prime the line. It took 550 pulls in about 7 or 8 minutes and it was running. I turned on the Jet Pump and it ran perfectly. This little thing rules.
Jim C. - Richmond Hill, ON
Increasing pump lift
I had to lift water more than 20 feet from my water tank onto the flower beds on my deck. I used one of your check valves to get the additional lift. They work great, but you’ve got to remember to put the valve into the input line no more than 12 feet (vertically) from the pump. Don’t just put it at the end of the line. Remember you want it to help hold the water column so that the pump will stay primed. The check valve easily handled the 12 foot water column. You could probably do this again with another check valve, though I haven’t tried it.
Steve - Arlington Heights, IL

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